Amazon Ads Error: Invalid Scope

Amazon Ads Error: Invalid Scope

This article will address the following error:

"Invalid Scope" while connecting to Amazon Ads.


During the process of assigning API access to your LwA Application, the proper scopes were not selected or approved by Amazon.


Reapply for permission to access the Amazon API. Select all of the following scopes:

Data and access:
  1. Advertising - Manage advertising campaigns and creative, and receive advertising reporting metrics.
Development resources:
  1. In-house developer(s) who are employees of the company.

Then click Submit for review

Amazon will send a new approval email within 72 hours. Follow the link in the email, select the LwA login you created and click Submit.
Make a note of the scopes displayed. You will need the following scopes for a successful connection:
  1. profile
  2. cpc_advertising::campaign_management
Once you have confirmed that you have the correct scopes, follow the remaining steps in this article to connect to Amazon Ads. 

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