How do I cancel my Power My Analytics subscription?

Cancel or Re-Activate My Subscription

To cancel your Power My Analytics subscription, follow the steps below. 

Before You Cancel

  1. Data updates will immediately cease when your subscription is canceled.
  2. Only a Hub Owner can cancel or re-activate a subscription.
  3. All accounts, locations, and data will be deleted if your account is not re-activated within 90 days.
  4. If you re-activate your subscription, you will be charged for the next month immediately upon reactivation even if you already pre-paid for the month before canceling.
  5. If you only need to pause your subscription temporarily, find instructions in this article.

To Cancel Your Subscription:

1.  Click on your hub name at the top right then select Settings when the menu appears.

2. Click Cancel Subscription.

3. Note the warning. If you wish to proceed, click Confirm on the popup window

To Re-Activate Your Subscription:

You must have a method of payment on file before your subscription can be reactivated. Check for a payment method and add one if needed by clicking Billing under your hub name in the top right corner.

1. Click on the hub name on the top right then select Settings when the menu appears.

2. Select Re-Activate Subscription then click Confirm to continue.

3. You will see a confirmation at the bottom of the screen.

    Still having issues?
    Send us a ticket and we will get back to you.
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