Submit a Ticket

Submit a Ticket

Before submitting a ticket, use the following checklist to ensure that your issue gets resolved as quickly as possible.

1. Verify that your solution is not already documented

The answers to all of our most frequently asked questions and common issues are available in our knowledgebase. Before you submit a ticket, we highly recommend trying the search box on our support portal to find a solution without having to wait.

2. Prepare ticket details

A ticket with a concise, relevant, and detailed description can be the difference between a swift solution and one that takes days. The more detailed the ticket, the more likely it will be solved quickly and without much heavy lifting on your end.
  1. Write a clear description - The level of detail you provide will go a long way. Be sure to include information about the time of first occurrence and the persistence of the issue.
  2. Take screenshots or videos - Our support team will be grateful if you provide a screenshot or video of your issue. Be sure that your screenshots include relevant information such as the URL, date range, or text of the error message.
  3. Share access to reports - If your issue is related to a specific report, be sure to include a link to it. For optimal service, we highly recommend giving edit-level report access to if possible.

3. Submit your ticket to the correct department
Please select the appropriate form below. Most tickets receive a response within 12 hours.

Submit Ticket for Technical Support
Technical issues related to your reports, data, etc.
Submit Ticket for Billing Department
Billing issues related to your plan, invoice, or payment
Submit Ticket for General Help
Application issues related to logging in, managing your hub or team.

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