How to Connect to Amazon Seller

How to Connect to Amazon Seller

The following video and article provide instructions for connecting to Amazon Seller.

Access Permissions

Account administrators

An administrator of the Amazon account can connect or grant access to other accounts to connect.

Agencies and others

Any other email address requires its own Amazon account to gain access.

Have an administrator add you to their account by going to Settings > User Permissions.

The administrator will enter the name and email address associated with your Amazon account and Send Invitation.

Once you have accepted the invitation, ask the Administrator to go to Manage Permissions and provide these minimum permissions to your account.

Inventory - View level access.

Orders - View Level Access.

Reports - View Level Access. 

Performance - Both View and View & Edit Level Access. 

Connect to Amazon in your Hub

Go to the Amazon Data Source in your Hub.

Select the main Marketplace that corresponds with your seller account.

Give the account a name you can remember. If you sell in more than one region, indicate the region in the name.

If the account uses Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), select Yes.  If all orders are fulfilled by the merchant, select No.

Authenticate your account in the pop-up window.

Approve all permissions requests on the consent pop-up and click Confirm.

Upon successful connection, the Amazon Seller account will display on the page with a link to create a report:

Troubleshooting Issues Connecting To Amazon Seller

This error will appear if the Administrator did not grant sufficient permissions. 

If you see this screen, you must enable two-step verification to proceed.

How to manage multiple accounts

Log into Amazon Seller Central and select the account or brand that you want to report on.


In a new tab, log into your Hub and add it as a New Data Source.

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