How do I use embedded analytics?

How Can I Get Started with Embedded Analytics?

Access your Marketing Analytics from the Tools You Use Every Day

At Power My Analytics, we integrate directly with the platforms you already use to put insights at your fingertips. Rather than constantly exporting data or toggling between tools, our embedded analytics enable you to analyze performance right where you manage campaigns and share insights.

Key Benefits of Embedded Marketing Analytics

Embedded analytics provide tighter alignment between your data and workflows. With Power My Analytics, you can:
  1. Visualize Data Right Where You Need It - No need to export data or login elsewhere. Power My Analytics embeds interactive reports in platforms like Looker Studio and Google Sheets.
  2. Quickly Spot Trends and Insights - With data visible in real-time where you manage campaigns, you can make data-driven decisions faster.
  3. Enhance Context with Customer Data - Customer analytics integrated in your CRM provide richer insights for personalization.
  4. Increase Adoption Across Teams - With easy access from existing UIs, all marketing users can leverage analytics daily.
  5. Reduce Data and Tool Sprawl - Consolidated data and insights reduce reliance on disjointed dashboards and one-off analyses.

Seamlessly Embed Analytics from PMA

Power My Analytics integrates with platforms like Looker Studio, Google Sheets, and Excel to put insights where you need them.

Visualize Data via Looker Studio Dashboards

Looker Studio makes it easy to build branded, interactive dashboards from your Power My Analytics data to share across your organization.
  1. Connect Power My Analytics as a data source with just a few clicks.
  2. Design customized reports grouped by campaign, channel, or other dimensions.
  3. Embed on your website or application with flexible access permissions.
As your data refreshes, so will your Looker Studio dashboards. For more details, see Google Support on embedding Looker Studio reports.

Import Data into Google Sheets or Excel

Rather than exporting CSVs, have your key Power My Analytics metrics flow directly into the spreadsheets you already use.
  1. Install our add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace or Microsoft AppSource.
  2. Connect your Power My Analytics data hub.
  3. Import specific data sets into a sheet.
  4. Configure scheduled refreshes to keep it current.
With your data available for analysis in sheets, you can focus on extracting insights. For more details, see Google Support on publishing Google Sheets to the web.

Let us know if you have any other questions about getting the most from your marketing analytics using Power My Analytics's embedded solutions!

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