Enterprise Plan Guide

Enterprise Plan Guide

Our Enterprise plan is a unique offering specially tailored for clients who require more tools and access. This article will explain the benefits of the Enterprise Plan.


Exports to SQL Warehouse, BigQuery, FTP, and our API are available only to Enterprise customers. Our Google Analytics exporting tool is available to all subscribers.

Data Warehousing

Own your data and store it on your own servers. Easily achieve GDPR compliance as well as compliance with your state or country's data privacy laws. This option is only available with the Enterprise plan.

Data Destinations

Subscribers to the Enterprise plan not only can use all of our data destination exports (BigQuery, SQL, API, FTP, etc.) but can also use our Data Studio community connectors, Google Sheets app or Microsoft Excel add-in at no additional charge.  


Enterprise customers get expedited and personalized support including an initial onboarding call with a tour of your new Hub and all included services. Emails and phone calls will be answered by a representative who is familiar with your account and your company's needs.

Connectors and Accounts

The Enterprise plan's base rate is $295/month USD and this pricing includes the first 20 accounts per connector.
Additional accounts may be added to the base price of $295 USD at the following prices:

Monthly Price per Account (In USD)

Location Pricing

The Enterprise plan includes 1000 locations. For now, only Google My Business uses locations.

Locations over 1000
Price In USD (per Location) Monthly


The Enterprise plan is the only plan available with unlimited admins. Allow everyone in your business access to your Power My Analytics Hub at no additional charge.

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