Power My Analytics' Data Warehouse Solution

Power My Analytics' Data Warehouse Solution

Power My Analytics offers a Hosted MySQL solution with your Enterprise plan. This article will help you learn about its uses and how to get started.

Uses and Benefits

  1. Own Your Data:  The data will be stored in your MySQL database and can be used in any of our data destinations (Data Studio, Google Sheets, Excel, BigQuery, etc.)
  2. Have Your Data Stored In Your Country:  For those EU-based clients that require their data must be housed in the EU or their country, this solution satisfies that requirement.
  3. Use Your Data In BI Tools like Tableau, Looker, and Power BI:  These BI tools all accept MySQL as a data source.
  4. Take Your Data With You:  If you choose to stop using Power My Analytics, your data warehouse will be populated up to the day you stop your service.  You can then use another service or method to append future data into your data warehouse
Hosted MySQL vs. BigQuery Exports
Hosted MySQL is a more optimal solution for data warehousing that BigQuery for several reasons:
  1. The entire schema can be automatically exported into the Hosted MySQL data warehouse with no coding or report setup.  For BigQuery, a report must first be created in the Data Explorer before it can be exported to BigQuery, so it does take more effort to set up BigQuery exports.
  2. Our Hosted MySQL data warehouse solution works with our data destinations (Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, Excel, Big Query, etc.) seamlessly.  You can still use our Data Studio connectors, Google Sheets add-on and export to BigQuery from your MySQL data warehouse just like if you are using our normal plans.  The benefit is you own your data and you can take your data with you at any time.

Getting Started

Currently, we only support MySQL. PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server may become available in the future.

Create a MySQL database

Recommended specs:
  1. 3.75 GB or higher memory
  2. SSD
  3. 100 GB in storage capacity is usually enough. Agencies or Enterprise subscriptions with many accounts may require more.
Example of recommended settings:

Connect your database to your Hub

Select SQL Warehouse under Exports in the left navigation pane then click SQL Settings to begin setup.

Provide the IP address or domain name of your server, the username, and the password to connect.

Create a report

Use Data Studio, our Sheets Add-on or Data Explorer to create a report and begin the flow of data through your MySQL database. 

Select all accounts that you wish to have in your database. Only accounts that have reports will show data in your MySQL database. 


The MySQL solution is unique and only automatically backfills 7 days of data for most connectors. Run a manual backfill to retrieve up to 2 years of data.

    Still having issues?
    Send us a ticket and we will get back to you.
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