How Does PMA Secure My Data?

How Does PMA Secure My Data?

Many of our clients are understandably invested in the security of their data and their clients' data. This article will show you how Power My Analytics keeps all of your warehoused data safe and secure.

Where does the data go?

Power My Analytics warehouses all of the data collected through our connectors in a Google facility

You also have the option to upgrade to the Enterprise Plan and store your data in a facility of your choosing.

Who manages it?

Google manages the data according to their security standards.

What kind of encryption is used?

Data at rest

Data at rest is encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. This protocol was originally adopted by the United States government to encrypt top-secret documents and is currently the industry standard. 

Data in motion

"Google encrypts and authenticates data in transit at one or more network layers when data moves outside physical boundaries not controlled by Google or on behalf of Google. All VM-to-VM traffic within a VPC network and peered VPC networks is encrypted."
If your organization's threat model requires stricter security measures, we highly recommend upgrading to the Enterprise Plan so you may manage your own data.

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