How to Connect a Google Sheets Report to Data Studio

How to Connect a Google Sheets Report to Data Studio

Though Data Studio is the superior presentation tool, many reports are easier to create with spreadsheets. This article will help you learn how to take the reports you've created in Google Sheets and connect them to Data Studio to create a seamless presentation. 

Activate the Spreadsheet Addon

The spreadsheet addon is included in our Agency and Enterprise plans and is available for $49.95 USD per month with all other plans. It enables you to use all of our connectors with Google Sheets and Excel, though only Google Sheets can be connected to Data Studio.
Follow the instructions in Installing the Google Sheets add-on to install the tool and activate this option.

Create a Report in Google Sheets

The addon panel is similar to the connector configuration page in Data Studio except that you create each table individually. When creating a report to connect to Data Studio, make sure the date range matches the one you are using in your Data Studio report.

Deselect Show report header under Options.

Make a note of the name of the report and the sheet you wish to connect.

Connect the Sheet to Data Studio

Click Add data at the top of the screen.

Select Google SheetsThis is a free connector provided by Google.

Select the report and sheet you wish to connect. Leave Use first row as headers checked.

Verify and Edit Your Data

Select Manage added data sources under Resource.

Click Edit next to the spreadsheet.

Verify each field has the correct label and type. If needed, modify the field type. Select the arrow and choose the correct type from the drop-down menu.

Use Your Sheet in Charts

Select your spreadsheet under Data Source to use it in a chart.

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