How to Connect to Amazon Ads

How to Connect to Amazon Ads

Connecting to Amazon Ads is a complex process that can take several days. You will need a login, API access, a client ID, and a client secret. This article will show you how to acquire everything you need.

Step 1: Create Your Login with Amazon (LwA)

An LwA allows third party apps like Power My Analytics access to your Amazon account.
Before you begin, Amazon recommends reading their Login with Amazon concepts page as well as their Onboarding Overview.

Register as a developer

Navigate to and sign in with an Amazon account that is managed by multiple members of your organization.

If you are not yet registered as a developer, complete the form.

Be sure to use an email address that is managed by multiple members of your organization as Amazon allows only one profile per company.

Go back to the Amazon Developer Portal and click Developer Console.

Click Login with Amazon.

Create a security profile

Click Create a new security profile.

Create a Security Profile Name and a Security Profile Description.
Enter your organization's privacy policy URL as the Consent Privacy Notice URL.
Click Save when you are finished.

Your new security profile has a Client ID and Client Secret. You can access them on this page at any time by clicking Show Client ID and Client Secret.

The Client ID and Client Secret are not sufficient to connect to Amazon Ads with Power My Analytics at this stage. Continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Apply for Permission to Access the API

Amazon recommends reading Amazon Ads API Authorization Overview before you begin.

Sign in to Amazon Ads using the email address you used to complete Step 1.

Then complete the Amazon form to apply for Direct Advertiser API access. Make sure the following boxes are selected:

Data and access:
  1. Advertising - Manage advertising campaigns and creative, and receive advertising reporting metrics.
Development resources:
  1. In-house developer(s) who are employees of the company.

Application review may take several days. You will receive an approval email from Amazon Ads.

Step 3: Assign API Access to Your LwA Application

Before beginning Step 3, open a separate tab and log out of all other Amazon accounts then log into the Amazon account used in Step 2. This will reduce the likelihood of errors.

Click the link in the approval email from Amazon Ads.

You will receive a message about creating a client application with LwA. Click Continue.

Select the LwA login you created in Step 1 and click Submit.

Make a note of the scopes displayed. You will need the following scopes for a successful connection:
  1. profile
  2. advertising::campaign_management
We recommend collecting a screenshot of these scopes at this stage in case future troubleshooting is required.

You may contact Amazon Ads API support to verify the correct scopes. 

Step 4: Allow a Return URL

Log in to the Amazon Developer Console and select Login with Amazon Console from the top menu.
Mouse over the gear icon beneath Manage and select Web Settings.

In the Web Settings panel, click Edit and enter the following URL in Allowed Return URLs

Click Save.

Step 5: Add Your Amazon Ads Account to Your Hub

Navigate to your Hub. Select Sources from the left navigation pane, then click +New Data Source.

Find Amazon Ads in the gallery.

Select your region from the drop-down box, then paste your Client ID and Client Secret from Step 1.

Click Connect. You are ready to create a report!

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