How to Reconnect a Data Source

How to Reconnect a Data Source

Reconnecting the data source should always be the first thing you try if you are receiving unexplained data errors on your Looker Studio report. Follow the instructions in this article to reconnect your data source and get back up and running in minutes.

Go into Edit mode in your Looker Studio report.

Click Resource at the top of the page, then Manage Added Data Sources.

Click Edit next to the source that needs to be reconnected.

Click Edit Connection on the top left side.

Make sure you select the new Hub and the correct Account. Click Reconnect.

You may receive a notice that No field changes were found. Click Go To Fields to continue.

Or you may receive a message that new fields were added or removed. Review the changes and click Apply to continue.

Click Done to apply the updates and finish reconnecting to the data source.

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