How to Share Edit Access to Your Reports

How to Share Edit Access to Your Reports

Giving edit access to  is the best way to expedite ticket resolution. This article will show you how to provide all of the needed permissions from each reporting tool.

Data Studio

In Data Studio, report and data source access must be granted separately.

Provide edit access to the report

Click Share. Select Add People then type

Use the drop down box to select Can Edit then click OK.

Select Manage Access. Copy the link and paste it to your ticket.

Provide edit access to the data source

At the top of the page, click. Resource then select Manage Added Data Sources.

Find the data source that requires support and click Make Reusable. Select Grant report editors access and click Make Reusable.

Click the icon launch next to the source name.

Click Share and enter  in the email field. Select Can Edit from the drop down menu then click Send.


Click Share on the top right side of your report. Upload your report to your One Drive or other cloud storage.

If your privacy is set to Anyone with link can edit then all you need to do is copy the link and paste it to your ticket.

If your privacy is set to People you specify can edit then enter and click Send .

Google Sheets

Click Share then enter

Select Editor from the drop down box then click Send.

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