Installing the Power My Analytics Add-on for Google Sheets

Installing the Power My Analytics Add-on for Google Sheets

If you'd like to merge and manipulate data from popular sales and advertising platforms with Google Sheets to create insightful and automated reporting, follow the instructions below to install and launch the Power My Analytics Sheets Data Connector.

Step 1 - Install Google Sheets Add-on

  1. Open a new Google Sheet, then navigate to Extensions > Add-ons and click Get add-ons.

  2. Search for "Power My Analytics," then click the Install button.
If you get an error that says, "App is not allowed for install by admin," you'll need to follow these instructions to Add Google Workspace Marketplace apps to your allowlist.

Step 2 - Log In to Power My Analytics

If you have more than one Google Account, make sure you are logged into just the email associated with your Power My Analytics hub.
  1. Navigate to Extensions > Power My Analytics and click Log In.

  2. Click Continue to grant permissions to Power My Analytics.

  3. Once logged into Power My Analytics, refresh the Google Sheet by hitting F5 or clicking the reload/refresh button on your browser.

Step 3 - Show Sidebar

  1. Navigate to Extensions > Power My Analytics and click Show Sidebar.

    The sidebar will appear.

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