Managing your subscription

Managing your subscription

Get all of your billing and account questions answered here.

Hub Management

  1. Change Hub Owner's Email Address
  2. Migrate Connections to a New Hub
  3. Re-Activate an Expired Trial
  4. Manage and Remove Accounts
  5. Pause or Resume My Subscription
  6. Cancel or Re-Activate My Subscription


  1. Change your Power My Analytics Plan
  2. Enterprise Plan Guide
  3. What is an "Account?"
  4. How We Calculate Plan Overages
  5. Upgrade to a Yearly Plan


  1. Update Billing Information in Your Invoices
  2. Switch Billing from Credit Card to PayPal
  3. I Need a Certificate of Residence for Tax Purposes
  4. Pay via Bank Wire Transfer

Team Management

  1. Manage Team Roles and Permissions
  2. Add or Remove Team Members

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      • Pause or Resume My Subscription

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      • Manage Team Roles and Permissions

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