How do I update my reports after changing hubs?

Migrate Connections to a New Hub

If you've created a hub and reports with the connections, then change your mind later or would like to consolidate payment on another hub, you will need to migrate your connections to the new hub.  If you do not migrate the connections but the bill is no longer being paid on the original hub, your reports will stop working.

Before You Proceed:

Migrating a Hub is a lengthy process. Most of our customers can save a lot of time by simply changing their Hub's owner or adding a billing contact.
  1. Do you need help changing your Hub's owner or adding a billing contact? Please read this article:  Manage Team Roles and Permissions
  2. Do you need to add or remove a team member? Please see this article:  Add or Remove Team Members

If you are certain that you want to migrate all of your reports' connections to a new Hub, please follow these steps:

Create the new Hub

If you haven't already, create the new Hub or obtain an invitation to the new Hub.
Your membership or ownership of the new hub is required to create new connections with your data sources.

Connect to data sources in the new Hub

Need more help with this step? Follow the instructions in this article to connect to data sources in your new Hub:  Connect to a Source

Migrate Looker Studio reports to the new Hub

Go to  Edit  mode in your Looker Studio report.

Click  Resource  at the top of the page, then  Manage Added Data Sources.

Click  Edit  next to the source that needs to be reconnected.

Click  Edit Connection  on the top left side.

Make sure you select the new Hub and the correct account. Click Reconnect .

You may receive a notice that No field changes were found. Click  Go To Fields  to continue.

Or you may receive a message that new fields were added or removed. Review the changes and click  Apply  to continue.

Click  Done  to apply the updates and finish reconnecting to the data source.

If your Hub still does not appear, follow this link Search for the data source you are trying to connect to and click on the 3 dots to the right of the connector. Then click  Revoke Access .

Then connect again.

Migrate Google Sheets reports to the new Hub

Open the report you want to edit. Click  Add-ons , select  Power My Analytics  and  Show Sidebar .

Next to the report you want to migrate, select the three dots then click  Edit .

Select  Data Account  and then use the drop-down menus to select the new  Hub  and the appropriate  Account.

Click Update Report.

Migrate Excel reports to the new Hub

Open the report you want to edit. Click  Data Connector to open the sidebar tool.

Next to the report you want to migrate, select the three dots then click  Edit.

Under  Data Account  select the new Hub and the correct Account . Then click Update Report .

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