PMA Error: Selected Dimensions Can Only Be Requested with URL Impression

PMA Error: Selected Dimensions Can Only Be Requested with URL Impression

This article will address the following error:

PMA Error: Selected dimensions can only be requested with URL impression as report settings table.


Page and Search Appearance dimensions can only be retrieved while the Tables are set to URL dimensions .


Data Studio

Select Manage Added Data Sources under Resource .

Select the open_in_new icon to open the data source details.

Click Edit Connection.

Select Allow "Tables" to be modified in reports in the connector configuration screen, then Reconnect.

Find the table with the error. You will now have the option to select a drop-down menu to change the tables.

Select URL Impression .

Google Sheets or Excel

Select the more_vert icon and click Edit.

Return to the Configuration step and select URL Impressions . Click Set Config then Update Report .

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