How We Calculate Plan Overages

How We Calculate Plan Overages

What Is Included in My Plan?

Each plan includes a specific number of Team Members , Connectors , Business Locations ( Google My Business only ) and Accounts and the cost per overage. (For more information on how we define an Account , see this article .)

The Business plan is our most popular plan for new users. It includes 3 Connectors and 3 Accounts per connector for a total of 9 Accounts .

Customers who need more than what is included in the Business plan have the option to pay $4.95 per additional Team Member and $8.35 per additional Account . Cost per overage varies between plans. See our pricing page for specifics.

Do I Need to Upgrade?

The  Business  plan is $29.95 per month and the  Pro  plan is $74.95 per month for a difference of $45.00 per month. That's about the price of 5 additional  Accounts . If you need more than 5 additional  Accounts , it may make more sense to step up to the  Pro  plan. Remember: if you switch to yearly , you pay 16% less!

Agency Plan Discounts for Higher Volume Customers

The Agency plan works a bit differently because it is designed for our higher volume customers. With our Agency plan, you are only charged overages on your most used Connector . The rest are on us! 

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