Should I connect to Looker Studio, Google Analytics or Google Sheets?

Should I connect to Looker Studio, Google Analytics or Google Sheets?

Power My Analytics offers several ways to connect your data sources that can ultimately be sent to Looker Studio (or other dashboards).  This article explains the pros and cons and when it is best to use each option.

There are 3 options for connecting data to Looker Studio:
1) Google Looker Studio directly
2) Google Analytics (then connect Google Analytics to Looker Studio)
3) Google Sheets (then connect Google Sheets to Looker Studio)

Connecting directly to Looker Studio is the easiest solution and this works in most cases.  But there are scenarios where connecting to Google Analytics or Google Sheets can be beneficial:
1)  When needing to blend data together, such as multiple Facebook Ads accounts, or if you want to report Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads and LinkedIn Ads data in one table in Looker Studio.  Or, if you want to report total spend in Looker Studio across multiple PPC channels like Facebook, Microsoft, etc.: 
Use our Google Analytics connector to bring in spend data per account, then export the data via the Google Analytics connector.  You can also do this in our Google Sheets connector, which we recommend over Google Analytics because it gives you the most flexibility and most data.  For example, if you want to break down the data by device (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet), the Google Sheets connector will give you this level of detail.  

2) When you want to have the data in Google Analytics as well as Looker Studio: 
Import the cost data into GA, then connect GA to Looker Studio.  No matter if you go into Google Analytics or Looker Studio to monitor PPC performance, the data will be available.

3) When needing to blend more than 5 data sources: 
Looker Studio is limited to 5 max data sources when it comes to blending.  There are no limitations when blending data sources in our Google Analytics and Google Sheets connectors. 

But What Will It Cost Me?
Power My Analytics does not charge extra for piping data to Looker Studio and Google Analytics.  You can send your data anywhere any no additional charge.  You pay for each data source you connect to - not to where you send the data!

For Google Sheets, there is no additional charge for our Agency plan.  Our Single, Business and Pro plans do have the option to add Sheets for an additional charge.  More information can be found on our pricing page.

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