What Are Business Locations?

What Are Business Locations?

Business Locations apply only to Google My Business reports. 

A Business Location in Google My Business refers to each brick-and-mortar office or storefront location at which a business operates. Google My Business tracks separate analytics for each Business Location and Power My Analytics bills Google My Business by the number of locations connected. When you create a report with Google My Business, our connectors will ask you to select one or many locations.

The Business, Pro , and Agency pricing plans support scaled reporting of multiple Business Locations and are more economical if you need to report 4 or more:
  1. Business Plan allows for up to 10 locations
  1. Pro Plan allows for up to 100 locations
  1. Agency Plan allows for up to 1,000 locations 


You can select our A La Carte pricing if you only want to report a few Business Locations. Billing details can be found here .

- In the Google My Business API, there is currently no way to report a summary of all locations only for billing purposes.  The API requires a user to select all locations that should be reported in any summary reporting. Each will be included in billing.

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