What Are Business Locations?

What Are Business Locations?

Business Locations apply only to Google Business Profile reports. 

A Business Location in Google Business Profile refers to each brick-and-mortar office or storefront location at which a business operates. Google Business Profile tracks separate analytics for each Business Location and Power My Analytics bills Google Business Profile by the number of locations connected. When you create a report with Google Business Profile, our connectors will ask you to select one or many locations.

The Business, Pro, and Enterprise  pricing plans support scaled reporting of multiple Business Locations and are more economical if you need to report 4 or more:
  1. Business Plan allows for up to 10 locations
  1. Pro Plan allows for up to 500 locations
  1. Enterprise Plan allows for up to 1,000 locations 

Or you can select our Single pricing if you only want to report a few Business Locations. Billing details can be found here.

In the Google Business Profile API, there is currently no way to report a summary of all locations only for billing purposes.  The API requires a user to select all locations that should be reported in any summary reporting. Each will be included in billing.

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