What is an "Account?"

What is an "Account?"

For billing purposes, an account is a data source for which you create reports.

You are not alone in asking. We get this question a lot! It is confusing because for each connector, it may be called something different. 

What an account is

In Facebook Insights, an account is your Page.

For YouTube Analytics, a Channel is an account.

For Google Analytics, it can be different. In Universal Analytics, a View is an account.

But in GA4, an account is a Property .

And in Microsoft Ads, an Account is an account.

What an account is not

This can sometimes be even more confusing because the login you use at your data source may be called an "account" but it will not be billed that way. 

A Facebook Ads business manager login is not an account. In this case, an Ad Account is an account.

An MCC login for Google Ads is not an account. In this case, an Account is an account.

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