What Magnitude Should I Use in Sample Data?

What Magnitude Should I Use in Sample Data?

When utilizing Sample Data in Power My Analytics, users often inquire about the 'Magnitude' parameter. Magnitude is an optional field users can adjust to increase or decrease the size of the Sample Data set.

What is 'Magnitude' in Sample Data?

In the context of Sample Data, 'Magnitude' is a numerical value you can adjust to change the values within your Sample Data set. Magnitude is inputted as a percentage.

How do I choose a Magnitude value?

The choice of Magnitude value depends on your specific needs. Entering a percentage less than 100 will reduce the size of your Sample Data set, while a percentage greater than 100 will increase it.

For instance, if you're creating a report that represents a small-sized company, you might choose a Magnitude of 50, which would reduce the values in your Sample Data by half. Conversely, if you're creating a report to resemble a large-scale company and need inflated data, a Magnitude of 200 would double the values in your Sample Data set.

Can I change my Magnitude value?

Select "Allow Magnitude (optional) to be modified in reports" in the configuration step to have the option to change the magnitude in individual charts. 

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