Why do the sales numbers not align with my Shopify Sales Reports?

Why do the sales numbers not align with my Shopify Sales Reports?

This article will help you to understand some of the discrepancies you may see between Shopify Sales Reports and the reports you make with our connectors.

There are many potential causes for missing or incorrect data in your Shopify report.

Time frame mismatch

In the API that is used for our connector, the values reported are the current total of all orders. Shopify Sales Reports calculates values of goods exchanged between the merchant and the customer within a given time frame.

For example:  If a merchant refunds a custom amount of $5 because the customer complained it took too long to ship, but no items were refunded and restocked, the -$5 difference will not appear in the Sales Reports, but will be deducted from API total.

Refund date discrepancy

Refunds are counted in the Shopify Sales Reports on the date they were refunded.  The API will count refunds on the date the order was placed.  So when comparing the two reports, refunds will not align by date range.

Data has not yet arrived

It can take up to 1 hour for data to first appear when you connect the first time to Shopify.  This is due to the limitations of the API and the amount of data available in this connector.

We initially backfill 3 months of data when you connect with us and keep this data going forward. Run a manual backfill to get up to 2 years of data from the Shopify connector.

Order Fulfillment Status mismatch

Our connector reports all orders, including unfulfilled.  To align with Shopify's reports, you can apply a filter.
Select a chart then click Add a filter from the right side panel options.

Select Create a filter. 

Name your filter then set it to Include > Order Fulfillment status (orders) > Equal to (=) > FULFILLED

Add a filter to the whole report page

Select Add a control from the toolbar. Select Drop-down list and place it on the report.

Use Order fulfillment status (orders) for the control field and Order ID (line_items_orders) for the metric. 

Then select Fulfilled.

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