Why Do the Sales Numbers Not Align with My Woocommerce Sales Reports?

Why Do the Sales Numbers Not Align with My Woocommerce Sales Reports?

There may be several different reasons that your WooCommerce data is not aligning. This article will help you find the cause and fix your reports.

Order Status

WooCommerce's API reports all orders including completed, pending, processing and more. To align with WooCommerce reports, select Completed, Pending, and Processing under Order Status Filter in the connector configuration screen.

Refund Date

Refunds are reported in the WooCommerce Sales Reports by the date they were refunded.  The API will report refunds by the date the order was placed.  When comparing the two reports, refunds will not align by date range.

Data Is Still Loading

We initially backfill 3 months of data. On the first day you connect, it can take up to a couple of hours for data to populate in your report. You can then backfill up to 2 years from your Hub.

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