Basic Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting

Most errors can be solved easily and independently. This article will guide you through some basic troubleshooting steps to get your reports looking great as quickly as possible.

Click "See Details" on the Error Description

If your report was made with a Power My Analytics data source, most of the errors you see in Data Studio contain helpful links to our own knowledge base.

Click See Details on the error.

Copy and paste the link into your browser.

Reconnect Your Data Source

Reconnecting the data source should always be the first thing you try if you are receiving unexplained data errors on your Looker Studio report. Follow the instructions in How to Reconnect a Data Source.

Verify Dates

Many source UIs will create reports with time frames like "last 7 days" or "current month." Depending on the UI, today's date may or may not be included. Set exact dates whenever possible to ensure that your data matches.

A screenshot of the Meta UI showing the option to select a date range for reports.

If you are using Looker Studio, add a date control to the top of your page to make sure each of your charts shows the same date range.

Check Old Charts, Filters, and Custom Fields

Connector updates may have rendered some fields obsolete. Premade charts, filters, and custom fields will need to be rewritten.

Re-Activate Hidden Fields

If you are unable to locate a field you know should be there, the field may have been hidden.

Select Resource then Manage added data sources.

Click the launch icon next to the source with the missing field.

A list of data sources in the PMA Facebook Insights demo report.

Hidden fields will appear as a lighter color green. Select the field then click Show to return it to your field list.

The option under Data Sources to select a hidden field and show it

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