Can I Customize Looker Studio Templates?

Can I Customize Looker Studio Templates?

Yes, you can customize any Power My Analytics template for Looker Studio. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Brand Your Report

In Edit Mode, you can right-click on our logo at the top and select Delete in the drop-down menu that appears.

You can then select the Image icon from the toolbar and import your own company's logo.

Move your logo into place then right-click and select Make report level to apply it to every page in the report.

Customize Your Theme and Layout

Choose your own color scheme from Looker Studio's Theme and Layout options or customize one of your own.

Removed Unused Data Sources, Fields, and Charts

When using templates, particularly our multi-source report templates, there may be charts and resources that you aren't using or don't need. These unneeded sources and elements can slow down your report, and removing them can make room for own choice of charts and report layouts.

Removing an Unused Chart

1. Click on the chart element to select it.

A copy of PMA's all-in-one marketing report template, with a chart element selected.

2. Right-click and select Delete.

The menu that appears when you right click on an element in Looker Studio, with the Delete option highlighted.

The Looker Studio report with the chart element now removed.

Removing a Data Source

Make sure none of your charts are using the removed data source, as these charts will break when you delete the data source.
1. Click on the Resource menu and select Manage added data sources.

The Resource menu in Looker Studio with Manage added data sources highlighted.

2. Find the source you'd like to delete and click Remove.

The list of data sources in a Looker Studio report, with the option to remove one of them highlighted.

3. Click Remove data source to confirm.

The dialog box to confirm you want to remove the data source.

Add Additional Data Sources, Fields, and Charts

Add a New Chart

1. Click on the Add a chart menu and select the type of chart you'd like to add to your report.

The Add a chart menu opened in a Looker Studio report, with the option to pick a bar chart.

2. Move the cursor to where you'd like to place the chart, then click once to insert the chart.

Placing the new chart in the Looker Studio report.

3. Configure your chart in the Setup sidebar on the right.

The Setup sidebar on the right side of Looker Studio for a chart.

Add a Data Source

1. Click on the Resource menu and select Manage added data sources.

2. Click the Add a data source button on the lower left.

The data sources in a Looker Studio report, with the option to add a data source selected.

3. Under Connect to data, scroll down to Partner Connectors to view a list of Power My Analytics connectors you can use in your reports. You can also select My data sources to choose from your existing data sources. 

The configuration page for adding a new data source, with Partner Connectors listed under Connect to data.

You can also select the My data sources tab to choose from your existing sources. Select the data source you'd like to use, then click Add.

The list of My data sources in the Add data to report configuration.

Click Add to report to confirm.

The dialog box to confirm you want to add the data source to your report.

Your data source is now ready to be used in your report.

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