Facebook Insights Total Reach Has Low Values for Grand Total

Facebook Insights Total Reach Has Low Values for Grand Total

Facebook Insights reports of Total Reach can show a Grand Total value that is lower than expected. This article will help you identify and troubleshoot the issue.

This article will address the following issue:

In your Facebook Insights reports, the Grand total for Total Reach is less than the sum of the Total Reach for each daily row in the range.

A PMA demo report of Facebook Insights in Looker Studio.


Some Facebook users are recorded as part of the Total Reach on more than one day. The Grand total value is a sum of unique users over the date range, not a sum of the daily Total Reach values. This is a separate request to Facebook's API. This request reports the total reach without double-counting users reached on more than one day. This figure is accurate and is the same value shown in Facebook Insights UI for weekly reach.

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