Why do some fields in my Looker Studio report say No data?

Some Fields in My Report Say “No Data."

This article will help to solve the following error in Looker Studio:



Looker Studio reports may display "No data" when there is data missing from the data warehouse.


Check the date range  specified on the report. Select a date range for which you are certain that data is available. If this does not fix the problem, proceed to the next step.

Attempt to run a backfill to provide the missing data.

Check to see if the field is a lifetime value. We currently cannot backfill lifetime values.

If you used the connector for the first time today, then data from the past will be unavailable. Please wait 24 hours after your first connection. You may then set the date range to include the previous day.

Still having trouble? Send us a ticket.

For a quick resolution:

1. Include a screenshot of the data and date range as they appear in the data source's built-in reporting. Make sure the screenshot includes your account name and the date range.

2. Give support@powermyanalytics.com edit-level access to your report and include a link in the ticket.
3. Note the report page so that we can easily find the error.

    Still having issues?
    Send us a ticket and we will get back to you.
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