Error Connecting to Instagram Media Insights

Error Connecting to Instagram Media Insights

Instagram requires specific permissions to be enabled in Facebook. This article will show you what you need to know to get your Instagram account connected.

This article will assist you with the following error:

Causes and Solutions

Incompatible browser

Are you trying to connect using a Mac with Safari browser? If yes, please try Chrome.

Instagram account is not linked to Facebook

Is your Instagram account linked to your connected Facebook account? We can only pull data from Instagram accounts that are linked to a Facebook page.

Insufficient permissions

Check your permissions in Facebook to make sure our App still has permission to access Insights from Instagram.

Go to your Business Integrations page. Select Settings & Privacy from the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner.

Then select Settings.

Select Security and login.

Select Business Integrations from the left navigation pane.  Find Power My Analytics then click View and Edit.

Make sure Access insights for the Instagram account connected to your Page is toggled to On.

Make sure the Instagram profile you are trying to connect is included in the list of profiles that our App can access.  In the example below, thetvshield, troverentals and cryptonfabric would not be able to be reported in our connector.

None of the above solve the problem

Go to your Business Integrations page and remove Power My Analytics.

Then disconnect and reconnect in your hub again. Disconnecting and reconnecting will not impact any existing reports.

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