What Time Does My Data Refresh?

What Time Does My Data Refresh?

After you create a report with PMA, your report's data will be updated automatically. This article explains how to choose the time and time zone for your data to refresh.

When Does My Report's Data Refresh?

Most connectors default to refresh every day at midnight 00:00 UTC (Universal Time) and can be edited, with the following exceptions.
  1. All Pinterest connectors are fixed to refresh at midnight UTC and cannot be changed.
  2. All Facebook, Instagram and YouTube connectors are fixed to refresh at midnight Pacific Time (UTC -08:00) and cannot be changed.

Change Your Report's Time Zone

Go to your hub and click Sources

The Sources section of your PMA hub, showing the pencil icon to edit the timezone.

Click Edit timezone and select a time zone.

The dropdown box to select a new timezone for a report in your Sources section.

Your report is now updated to refresh at midnight in the selected time zone.

How to Pull Live Data

Between scheduled refreshes, you may also want to update your report with the latest live data.
  1. When using a PPC (advertising) connector: Include today's date in the report and refresh the report to load live data.
  2. When using a non-PPC (non-advertising) connector: Do a manual backfill from your hub and refresh the report to load live data.

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