What to Do When a Report Is Loading Slowly

What to Do When a Report Is Loading Slowly

We understand how frustrating it is when you take time to build a report and it is loading very slowly or timing out. This article will help you with some troubleshooting steps you can use to get your reports loading quickly again.

Looker Studio

Use a Shorter Date Range

A longer date range means more data, which can take a longer time to load. If your report uses a very long date range, try reducing it to increase loading speed. Using the date range control, reduce the time frame and report only the time you need.

Use Fewer Live Metrics

Live metrics continuously pull data from the source. Constant refreshing can cause a report to load slowly. 
Our Schema Explorer indicates live metrics with a lightning bolt icon . You can remove these metrics from tables that do not require them.

Create a New Table

Sometimes an element of a table or chart has become corrupted. Copying and pasting the table preserves the corrupted elements. Create a new table using the same metrics and dimensions to solve this problem.

Google Sheets and Excel

When using PMA's Sheets Data Connector, your Google Sheets or Excel reports may time out or be slow to load if you are applying functions and formulas directly to the data being fetched. To avoid this, fetch the data using the Sheets Data Connector in one sheet and apply functions and formulas in a second sheet, referencing data from the first sheet.

1. Create the first spreadsheet and use it only to fetch data using the Sheets Data Connector, without applying any formulas.

2. Create a second spreadsheet that contains the formulas you want to apply to the data, and make sure these formulas reference the first spreadsheet. For example, instead of =SUM(B2:B6), use =SUM(Sheet1!B2:B6), with Sheet1 being the name of the first spreadsheet.

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