Missing Pages in Facebook Insights

Missing Pages in Facebook Insights

Sometimes, Facebook changes app permissions and they need to be refreshed. This can cause frustration when you're trying to connect to Facebook Insights and you see missing pages. This page will help you get back on track.

This page will assist you with the following errors

Missing pages in the drop-down menu when connecting with Facebook Insights from Looker Studio.
Missing page_id'Error-id: when trying to connect


There are several potential causes for these errors.

Please allow 48 hours for the page to appear after you have followed these troubleshooting steps.

Incompatible Browser

Sometimes Mac or Safari browsers will not work. Try again with Chrome.

Insufficient User Permissions

You will need different types of access depending on how you manage your page.
  1. Facebook's classic page management tools require Administrator access.
  2. If you use Business Manager to manage your page, you will need Page Editor access.
  3. If you use New Page Experience to manage your page, you will need at least partial access.

Insufficient App Permissions

Our app may have insufficient permissions from Facebook.

Check your connected apps in Facebook to make sure our App still has permission to access Insights for all of your pages.

If the above link does not work, click the drop down menu next to your image at the top right corner of your Facebook Homepage. Click Settings & Privacy.

Click Settings.

Select Security and login.

Select Business Integrations from the left navigation pane.  Find Power My Analytics then click View and Edit.

Make sure all permissions are approved. It is especially important to approve:
  1. Access your Page and App insights
  2. Read content posted on the Page
  3. Read user content on your Page
  4. Show a list of the Pages you manage

If you are given the option to select which pages we can manage, select those pages.

Then go back to Looker Studio to see if the pages are now available.

More than 100 Facebook Pages

Facebook cannot return a complete list of pages if there are more than 100. 
If you manage more than 100 pages, please send us a ticket at the link below and specify the number of pages you manage.

If the error persists

Go to your Facebook account business integrations and remove our app.

Then disconnect and reconnect in your Hub. Doing so will not impact any existing reports.

    Still having issues?
    Send us a ticket and we will get back to you.
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