Looker Studio: Grand Total Over a Date Range is Less Than Sum of Individual Rows Broken Out By Date

Looker Studio: Grand Total Over a Date Range is Less Than Sum of Individual Rows Broken Out By Date

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When reporting individual values by date in Looker Studio, the sum of these individual values over a date range may be less than the grand total of the values over the same date range.

For example, this Google Analytics 4 (GA4) report of Total Users by Date over June 1 - 2, 2024 shows values of 331 and 290, summing to 621 Total Users.

However, the grand total shown is only 609.

Similarly, using a date control that spans June 1 - 2, 2024 while reporting Total Users without any dimensions will produce a value of 609.


Both the daily values and the grand total are correct. The grand total is a unique count over the date range.
  1. In this example, because the summed rows showed 621 total users and the grand total showed only 609 over the date range, this is a difference of 12 users. This means 12 users were present on both June 1 and June 2, 2024.
  2. A sum of total users by day (equalling 621) would result in these users being counted twice, once for each day, while the grand total is the de-duplicated value (609).
The following is a partial list of fields whose daily values will not sum up to the grand total over a multi-day range. The sum of the daily row values for these fields will exceed the grand total:

Data source
Affected fields
Facebook Ads
Reach, Frequency
Google Analytics 4
All fields containing "User" (Active Users, Active1day Users, Active7day Users, Active28day Users, Total Users) except for New Users
LinkedIn Ads
Reach, Average Frequency
Pinterest Ads
Reach, Frequency
Snapchat Ads
Earned Reach, Paid Reach, Total Reach, Frequency
TikTok Ads

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