What Does It Mean When a Field Is Deprecated?

What Does It Mean When a Field Is Deprecated?

If a field in your report is no longer updating, the field may have been deprecated. This article will explain what it means when a field is deprecated and what you can do next.

When we change the name of a field to include "DEPRECATED", that means the API for that connector is no longer sending data for that field.

Power My Analytics does not make the decision to stop offering these fields in our connectors. Instead, these fields are no longer available in our connectors, because the API itself has stopped providing the field data to anyone.

A Google Sheets spreadsheet with the PMA Sheets Data Connector, showing that a field is deprecated.

We are continually monitoring changes in the APIs used by our connectors, and we will make our best effort to notify users as soon as possible when there are major changes to deprecated fields. Because Power My Analytics warehouses your data, you will continue to see saved data for those fields, but it will not update.

How to Fix Your Report

Looker Studio

A field may have become deprecated if it is no longer updating and running a backfill did not restore the field. If this is the case, you can check for a new field that might fit your needs. Reconnect your source and make a note of the field updates.

A popup to confirm that you want to apply the changes to the configuration.

You can also check for new fields using our Schema Explorer. In your hub, select Schema Explorer from the Tools menu.

Where to find the Schema Explorer in your PMA hub.

Click the Connector dropdown and choose your connector.

The Schema Explorer in the PMA hub with a menu to select the connector.

In Field search, enter a keyword to search field labels, names, and descriptions. This is left blank by default, displaying all fields.

The Field search box to search through a connector's field labels, names, and descriptions in the Schema Explorer.

To see the field name in the API, hover your cursor over the field label. The field description may also contain the date that the field was deprecated or will be deprecated.

How to view the field description for a field in the Schema Explorer.

Google Sheets or Excel

A field may show as deprecated after a scheduled or manual refresh. Check the field selector under Select fields for new fields.

A Google Sheets spreadsheet with PMA's Sheets Data Connector, showing the Fields configuration and the Select fields section.

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